Coating inspection

Coating inspection from KOL– ensure your coating work is protecting your assets and prevent future coating failures.

Whether your assets include the management of construction sites, factories, laboratories, shipyards, or plants, you need to be certain that your coating work is protecting your facility. Coatings failures mean expensive repair costs and lengthy downtime. Our coating service helps ensure the continued protection of your facility.


To ensure that coating work is fully protecting your facility, we provide a comprehensive inspection of coating work, concrete renovation, insulation, and plastering. Plus, our inspection offers you careful investigation of the causes of any failures to help you prevent future occurrences.

Our coating and inspection help you to:

  • Assess coatings on ferrous-steel, stainless steel, aluminum, concrete, brick or plastic for conformity, compatibility, and performance
  • Avoid expensive repair costs and downtime due to coating failures such as concrete decay, corrosion and loosening adhesive coats
  • Determine the causes of coating failures and prevent similar occurrences in the future

Plus, we work closely with coating Suppliers, procuring the best quality for you.

Contact us ( today to find out how our coating can ensure your coating work is protecting your facility and prevent future failures.